To ensure a better working practice between medical and funeral professionals to make sure parents get their wishes.

Tyler Landon Lunn was born sleeping on the 13th June 2009 when he was just over 21 weeks gestation. Tyler had a full funeral in Lytchett Minster Parish Church where family and friends came together to say goodbye to future dreams that his parents had started to plan for him. His service was followed by a burial in Poole Cemetery, in the Forget Me Not Garden, which is one of two areas for children’s graves.

Tyler’s parents were young and not having much money, couldn’t afford a memorial to mark Tyler’s grave. So for 5 years, despite efforts to find the money, this seemed impossible. This is where we stepped in as friends and felt compelled to help Tyler’s parents.

We rallied friends and family together and held a quiz night with an auction and also completed The Clarendon Walk between Salisbury Cathedral and Winchester Cathedral. This all being done with sponsorship which very quickly raised the money needed.

Before Tyler’s friends was established Kirsten and Jon helped my Husband and I through one of the darkest and hardest times of our lives. They helped immensely with the arrangements of our little mans funeral and made it feel like anything was possible. We did not want a traditional sad, depressing funeral for our little boy and Kirsten and Jon went above and beyond our expectations and made the time less daunting.

Kirsten and Jon didn’t just stop at the funeral but also went on to raise money so we could place a lasting memorial on our little champs final resting place. We were not in a position to afford a headstone and we could not be any more grateful for the generosity of Kirsten and Jon and all the people who were so generous in donating, taking part in the charity walk and the quiz night. Kirsten and Jon still help us to this day. Always there to talk and we couldn’t ask for more from our amazing friends. For us it seemed like a horrible, dull and a never ending road of grief and we hope this charity can offer the same help and hope to others.

Tyler’s parents - Heidi and Lee

I lost my daughter 20 years ago, and although everyone was really helpful, I now look back and realise a lot of decisions were made for me and not necessarily my choice. The better working practice between medical and funeral professionals that Tyler’s Friends ensure, and with some extra financial help that Tyler’s Friends give, would have benefited me immensely.


In February 2018, my husband and I lost our beautiful, precious little girl. Life doesn’t prepare you for losing your child. It’s not the way around it should be. Not only were we struck by such a horrendous loss, we also suffered the financial burden of being able to give our daughter the send off she so rightly deserved. This is where Tyler’s friends stood in. They helped towards the cost of our daughters funeral, enabling her to be taken to her resting place in a beautiful horse drawn carriage, pulled by two stunning elegant white horses with beautiful pink plumes. Without this wonderful charity our wishes could not have been fulfilled.

Danni and Jay

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