Our Shining Stars

Baby Esme

Tyler’s Friends are proud to show you the beautiful memorial for Esme Elizabeth Rose, who grew her angel wings too soon. May she fly as high as a butterfly and continue to shine bright. Rest in peace princess.

Baby Gracie

Tyler’s Friends are pleased to show you our first memorial for a princess. Gracie who gained her angel wings too soon, now has her name shining under the stars in pink. May she rest in peace and sprinkle pixie dust as she continues to shine bright.


We have the privilege of showing you this beautiful memorial for Harvey who grew his angel wings too soon. Harvey’s name will forever be shining in blue under the moon and stars at night. Fly high young man.

Baby Ames

Baby Stuart Ames, a precious boy too beautiful for earth, grew his angel wings far too soon. Continue to shine bright little man.

Baby S

A baby boy who grew his wings too soon, now has a memorial on his forever bed.  A little boy who’s name will continue to sparkle under the moon and stars.

Baby Luke

Tyler’s Friends had the privilege of helping a family say goodbye to their precious little boy Luke who grew his wings too soon. The family have given us permission to show you their words and pictures. Sleep safely in the arms of an angel Luke.

“Our little bundle of joy sadly passed away at 24+3 weeks, he was a little wiggler inside his Mummy’s tummy, he was always such a special boy and me and his daddy can’t believe that he was taken away too soon. We will always miss you Luke Edward Loveday, always and forever, and we will have you in our heads and hearts. Fly high beautiful baby boy.”

“I would just like to thank you all so much for everything you are willing to do and have done for our son little Luke Edward Loveday who sadly was born sleeping on the 22/06/2019. Everyone has said how lovely and how much you are helping us out to give our Son the good send off he deserves. I have read a lot about your charity. I would never imagined having to go through this difficult time but Tyler’s Friends have really helped us and have been amazing in the support they have given us.”

Jennifer & Jessica

Tyler’s Friends are pleased to show you a beautiful butterfly plaque in memory of Jennifer and Jessica who grew their angel wings too soon. Precious girls who will forever fly high and sparkle under the moon and stars.

Baby Ashton

We are now able to share with you Ashton’s memorial. Born too soon, but never forgotten. Another precious boy who’s name will continue to shine under the stars.

Baby Hobson

On Friday 17th May, beautiful Baby Hobson’s butterfly plaque was put in place. Born too soon, but will forever be glistening under the stars. Fly high precious one.

Baby Bridgeman

A new butterfly plaque has been put in place to remember Baby Bridgeman. Too beautiful for earth, but never forgotten. Fly high and shine bright little one.


When the parents of Amber asked us to make sure their Daughter had a colourful and bright goodbye we were more than happy to make this wish come true. In true Amber style, the service and flowers were just that. Amber’s order of service was decorated with everything she loved and nursery rhymes were sung. Amber loved to share and as a lasting memory, Amber’s parents asked for toy donations so they could donate these to children’s hospices, this was to make sure other children had plenty of toys to play with, whilst at the same time keeping Amber’s memory alive. Fly high beautiful young lady and sprinkle that glitter dust as you go.

Master T

A local funeral director got in touch to ask if we could assist a family who were arranging the funeral of their young Son who had sadly passed away. The parents just wanted to add personal touches to make sure their handsome boy had the perfect goodbye and it was our privilege to help. Fly high young man.

Baby Nevaeh

When Nevaeh grew her angel wings too soon, her parents wanted to make sure their beautiful baby girl had the goodbye she deserved. With the help of Tyler’s Friends those dreams came true. Nevaeh travelled to her resting place on a beautiful horse drawn carriage which was pulled by two stunning white horses with pink plumes. Just perfect for a princess.

Baby Star

The parents of baby Star wanted her forever bed to be something a little special. So a beautiful wicker coffin with pink ribbons was the perfect choice by her Mum and Dad. Tyler’s Friends were more than happy to help make sure she slept well.


May 2018.  Tyler’s Friends were contacted by a local Funeral Directors to see if we could help one of their families who had lost their precious Daughter Aria-Rose with some beautiful flowers. We were more than happy to assist and these are the amazing flowers Milly’s Florist in Upton put together for Aria-Rose’s family.

Baby O

May 2018. Tyler’s Friends were more than happy to assist Baby O’s family to make sure she had the goodbye she truly deserved. A beautiful wicker coffin and some stunning blossom trees to decorate the ceremony room, some perfect finishing touches by her parents.


18th October 2018.  As you all know when we help a family so their precious child who grew their angel wings too soon can have the funeral of their wishes, Tyler’s Friends always send a floral tribute to let the family know we are thinking of them. This time we had to think outside the box as it was a young man who grew his wings too soon. So it was only fitting that we kept with his footie colours for the team he supported, non other than Liverpool FC with his shirt number in the middle. Rest In Peace Lucas, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Baby R

December 2018. A beautiful baby boy who was born too soon.  He was laid to rest in a beautiful and tranquil woodland burial ground.

Baby Charlie

On 1st February 2019, we said goodbye to baby Charlie. A beautiful service for a little boy born too soon. His soul laid to rest as the snow flakes fell and under the watchful eye of Mr Robin Redbreast from the blossom tree. Rest in peace little man.

Reuben and Logan

Tyler’s Friends are very proud to show you our 1st memorial, it took a little longer than we had hoped but it’s finally in place. Reuben and Logan now have a beautiful headstone to mark their final resting place. Two more precious boys with their names sparkling under the stars.

Baby Braden

We are pleased to show you our first butterfly plaque. Placed in the butterfly garden at Bournemouth Cemetery. Baby Braden now has his name twinkling under the stars. It was an absolute privilege to help Braden’s family remember their baby boy who was born too soon.

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